UC’s work is driven by volunteers and has done more with lesser donations. Our current work supports thousands in providing free Healthcare, which currently needs funding support.

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Introduction to UC
United Care Development Services, also know an UC( www.yousee.in ) was founded in June 2009. UC is a Philanthropy Exchange which provides a wider giving platform through the Four Donations For Development (Chaar Daan, Chaar Dhaam) initiative, which invites contributions in the form of 1.Volunteering(Shram Daan), 2.In Kind Donations(Vastu Daan), 3.Waste Donations (Kachra Daan) and 4.Financial(PostPay) Donations(Dhan Daan). UC’s objective is to generate Resources for Result oriented social work, in the areas of Education, Health and Environment. UC currently supports a few NGOs and a few Public Schools and Public Hospitals working for these causes spread across India. The work at UC is almost entirely led by dedicated volunteers.

Arogya Seva - Health for All (ASHA) : UC’s work in Health Care
UC's goal is to support free Healthcare providers to be the most Caring and Cutting Edge Healthcare services providers, including Government and NonProfit Healthcare providers. Besides savings lives and improving quality of life for several lakhs of people, the services at these institutions also help to secure their livelihoods from the extremely high cost care available from alternate providers.

In the area of Critical Care, UC currently extends various volunteer service activities at the following Government Hospitals - Gandhi Hospital and Niloufer Hospitals in Hyderabad and Government General Hospital, Vijayawada, by providing a host of patient assistance and clinical support services. This has had a catalytic role in UC's efforts to mobilise and extend support for the overall Public Health area in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. As of today, UC with support from Tata Trusts and other Individual and Institutional donors has provided Staff Nurses, Lab Technicians, Patient Assistance team members and several Biomedical Equipment, for improving Emergency and Critical Care Services at these 3 large Government hospitals in AP and Telangana. Through this initiative, everyday about 120 critical care patients are served and another 600 patients are served with internal transportation and help desk assistance.

With increasing Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) burden, the need for effective Palliative Care services is on the rise and the huge shortage of these services is glaring. UC is partnering and supporting the Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society(PRPCS) since June-2017, to increase the availability of Palliative Care services in both in the Public Health system and outside of it. UC is currently supporting the palliative care services of PRPCS in Hyderabad which includes Hospice services and Palliative OP services at MNJ Cancer Hospital and Home Care services. In addition, UC is also helping in the program to set up 8 palliative care centers in the Public Health system in the districts of Telangana by mid-2018.

Since Sep-2017, UC has also commenced monthly rural Health Camps outreach program to provide free Preventive Care health services for the rural populations, in collaboration with several volunteer Doctors, Panchayats and local volunteer Organisations.

The volunteer efforts by UC at the various health care initiatives have also resulted in the following innovative solutions:

Helpline ( 040 - 39 56 53 39 ) for Government Hospitals in Hyderabad, using a cloud call center for driving change by capturing and responding to the service issues faced by patients and their attendants. Doctors also call for emergency blood component requirements. The same number is also accessible for the patients served by the monthly Health Camps supported by UC for rural areas. This service commenced Jul-2017 and currently handles 40 calls per day www.health4all.online/dashboard/helpline

Health4All: a free and open source hospital information system developed by UC volunteers since 2013 and implemented by volunteers at 35 Govt Hospitals currently www.health4all.online

Equipment Bank: Rather than donating medical equipment to individual hospitals, UC has created a pool of medical equipment, a volunteer force of free service biomedical equipment, made available where and when needed, adopting principles of Just-in-time and low inventory. Commenced in Aug-2016 and serving 8 hospitals currently and also the free health camps.

UC is working with Pragathi Welfare Society to supplement resources at Government High School and Primary Schools at Burugula Village. UC has also been working with Residential and Office communities in Hyderabad to encourage source segregation of waste and efficient recycling of such waste. Value generated from some of the recycling activity is contributed to some of the social work projects coordinated by UC. UC has also continued to play the role of facilitating greater collaboration between non-profit organisations and the larger public, through the annual SevaMela event conducted in the first week of October, coinciding with the Joy of Giving Week (Daan Utsav) celebrations held across the country.

UC has constantly invested in its credo “YouSee”, enabling transparency, openness and collaboration. In that direction, since July-2017, UC’s entire accounts, including payments, receipts, ledgers,TB, bills and invoices, are all open for the public at our site www.yousee.in/accounts , another product of UC’s work in developing open source IT solutions by dedicated volunteers.