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Code for Community (C4C) is an initiative to promote development and usage of Free and Open Source technology solutions for Social causes. UC ( ) has been involved in engaging volunteers to support development of free and open source software applications for some of the social work programs it has been extending support to. UC's site itself and the Health Information System called Health4All, have been entirely developed by a volunteer team, over a period of 5 years, demonstrating the kind of delivery level that is possible with consistent volunteering effort. The Health4All and a couple of health care related applications being developed by the volunteer team at UC are now being used at several large Public Hospitals and Indian Red Cross Society Blood Banks in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and also by a few Non-Profits involved in health care delivery and a few Public Health Infrastructure Development institution. These applications provide efficiencies to these institutions and indirectly to the people served by them. More such public purpose institutions are keen to use such applications and UC hopes to take this effort forward through the C4C initiative. Test versions of these applications can be accessed at Code4Community

Volunteers and Skills:

Volunteers with the following skills are welcome to contribute in this initiative.
Skills: MySQL, PHP, Model View Controller (MVC) framework, Code Igniter, Bootstrap CSS, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, AngularJS, Git Version Control, Manual Testing, Documentation.
Coding Guidelines: Here are some coding guidelines we recommend for the volunteers contributing to applications in the C4C initiative. To participate and know more about this initiative, you are welcome to contact by email: or call +91-9000183123

Free and Open Source Solutions supported by UC

Health4All – A health information system which can be used to manage Patient Information at Hospitals and Mobile Clinics. This application currently has the following modules - Patient Registration, Blood Bank, Lab, Equipment Tracker, Sanitation Tracker and Staff. This application has ongoing development with more modules getting added to it.
Project Tracker – designed for tracking high level progress of projects being executed by Public Sector Infrastructure Development Corporations in India.

Volunteering Opportunities (Showing 89 opportunities.)
# Issue Type Area Issue Frequency Coordinator Priority
1 Improvement Patient Module Create discard report detail & summary High
2 Improvement Admin Tooltips for user function description Medium
3 Security Patient Module Introduce IP based access control and user tag to all records created, change admin passwords High
4 Improvement Diagnostics Autofill descriptive text for diagnostics module High
5 Module OBG Module OBG Module Gokul Very High
6 Feature Diagnostics Patient Online Lab results access Medium
7 Improvement Blood Bank In medical Check up table add, farheit lable for temperature Medium
8 Module Diagnostics develop or add an Open Source PACS module to Health4All Vivek High
9 Improvement Reports Add bar/line graph of the report, report should change based on radio button. Also add hour wise trend. Gokul High
10 Module Diagnostics BioChem Analyser Pranay High
11 Improvement HR HR transaction update module Medium
12 Discuss Patient Module IP Regn form should have list of doctors, if we want to select any particular doctor's name. Medium
13 Discuss Facilities No of beds in each of the wards,as mentioned below, shall be available.We shall provide the numbers whenever you can to provide. Medium
14 Discuss Patient Module P Regn form should have option to enter family income. These details may be useful for any research purposes in future. Medium
15 Improvement Patient Module IP Regn form should also have a list of episodes, so that we have option to choose. For eg Congenital Heart Disease, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Aquired Medium
16 Improvement Blood Bank Retreive old donor info for new blood doation, labels new donor, repeat donor Medium
17 Improvement Blood Bank Color legend in bloodbank reports Medium
18 Improvement Blood Bank Alerts for values in Medical Check up page Medium
19 Improvement Diagnostics Augiology report Medium
20 Check Blood Bank Confirm sum of components volume and compare with total initial volume High
21 Improvement Patient Module Insert country/state/districts options in patient registration Pranay High
22 Improvement Reports OP/IP reports by district state including Map Pranay Very High
23 Feature Patient Module Patient Online OP Cosultation slot booking Medium
24 Feature Reports Summary of Lab stats to HODs of Lab departments and Superintendent Medium
25 Improvement Blood Bank Maintain sequence of components with original bag on top High
26 Improvement Settings Rendering color according to the user choice Medium
27 Improvement Blood Bank Test multi hospitals blood bank Very High
28 Feature Blood Bank Appointment booking by phone. Medium
29 Improvement All Redirect to login page if not logged on all URLs. High
30 Improvement Blood Bank In screening, change the label from tested to negative for all. If negative for all is selected, all the disease flags should be disabled and vice ver High
31 Improvement Blood Bank Details of cross matching method High
32 Improvement Blood Bank Detailed User Access Control (UAC) for Blood Bank High
33 Improvement Blood Bank State/Country Level dash board for Blood Banks Gokul High
34 Feature Reports Summary of OP and IP to HODs and Superintendent Medium
35 Improvement Blood Bank Add HIV (1&2) and address of donor High
36 Feature Diagnostics SMS to patient phone giving lab result Medium
37 Improvement Blood Bank Generate report to show blood bags issued to pvt vs govt High
38 Improvement Reports Add coloumn average duration of stay after the total coloumn. Average hours from admit to outcome. Total hours per patient/24 one decimal. Medium
39 Improvement Reports Hide unwanted coloumns Medium
40 Improvement Reports Add Admit time after Admit date coloumn Medium
41 Improvement Blood Bank Add Component filter for Blood Issue report, add quantity of blood to this report, blood group of patient and donor and patient address, javascript fi Medium
42 Improvement Settings Make state selection from database instead of hard coding Gokul High
43 Improvement Diagnostics Add internmediate reporting in culture and sensitivity High
44 Improvement Blood Bank ID card number in donor reg High
45 Improvement Blood Bank Add bill number and amount in bill number High
46 Improvement Blood Bank Hide extra forward slash in Phone/Email coloumn when email field is absent Medium
47 Feature Blood Bank Add bill payment option for Blood Bag issue Medium
48 Improvement Blood Bank Report of Blood Isssue stats by Hospital type(Govt/Pvt) Medium
49 Feature Reports Generate Email report every 4 hrs to report utilisation by differenct modules across implementations High
50 Review Reports Database size of different implementations every month Recurring Gokul High
51 Feature Diagnostics Add billing module for Diagnostics charges for Some Govt Hospitals and Blood Banks High
52 Improvement Diagnostics Add feature to print only one test with in an order Medium
53 Strategy Diagnostics Prepare a review report on Java vs PHP based approach for AutoConnect Gokul Medium
54 Feature Patient Module Standardise file names of Print Layout outs and provide preview High
55 Review Blood Bank Status of total ml represented for one bag with its components in the components/inventory report High
56 Documentation All Installation and Demo of Health4All High
57 Documentation All PPT demo of app High
58 Improvement Reports Blood Culture should be displayed separatelly like radiology report. Order date and ORder no should be separated. Medium
59 Bug Patient Module Prescription - Remove option to delete drug row Medium
60 Feature Patient Module Creation of system generated IP number Medium
61 Improvement Patient Module An alert flag if the patient details entered are the same. Medium
62 Feature Patient Module Add new sticker print format for Antenatal Registration - Petlaburz hospital Medium
63 Feature Patient Module Auto fill patient infor in relevant fields based on scan of ID proof Medium
64 Improvement Reports In order summary report units and area filters are not working Medium
65 Security All Add the two fields to all appropriate tables - Add record_created_by ,last_updated_by High
66 Security All table - update_history: id, table_id, user_id, record_id, timestamp, concat of fields_edited High
67 Security Admin Table to track login history id, user_id, login_timestamp, logout_timestamp, IP Very High
68 Improvement Admin Modifications to access control - Renaming update patient variables, Modify display of selection boxes and Implement update of access features High
69 Improvement Patient Module Add multi file upload to patient update, with configurable file upload limit. Medium
70 Check Facilities On submission of sanitation scores a reconfirmation. Medium
71 Improvement Facilities Vendor contracts Medium
72 Improvement Facilities 3 vendors for Sanitation, Pest Control and Security Medium
73 Improvement Blood Bank Add discared By in Discard Tab in BloodBank Medium
74 Improvement Reports Implement pagination in all the reports High
75 Improvement All Tooltip showing what the coloumn in Report means Medium
76 Feature Consumables For Discussion Very High
77 Application Masters Application Support Update data from RK Math clinic High
78 Feature All New Features for RK Math High
79 Feature HR Add new features needed for MCI requirements High
80 Review Standards Compliance for Electronic Health Record guidelines Recurring Gokul High
81 Feature Equipment Module Add new features for Equipment Module for Equipment Bank Vivek High
82 Feature Funds Tracker 1. Restricting View of specific attachments, 2. Pivot Table Report Feature, 3. Budgeting Feature, 4. Accrual Accounting, 5. Summary of all Ledger Acco One Time Very High
83 Admin TVVP Merge TVVP databases to one instance One Time High
84 Feature Health4All Display of Bed Occupancy in ICU and Ward Very High
85 Operations Health4All Set up pilot Dashboard TVs at Hospitals for Health4All Very High
86 IT UC site: upload UC's operations policy document on site One Time Very High
87 Feature UC site: add active volunteers page One Time Very High
88 Documentation Health4All: create wiki page of Health4All Recurring Very High
89 Feature Health4All: add multi-hospital feature for all service features in the application One Time Very High
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